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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Idaho Falls, ID USA
Spouse/Partner: Lorraine
Occupation: Retired computer programmer, system support after 32 years. Retired longhaul semi driver after 17 years. (still do a little truck driving locally). I drove 1.5 million safe miles.
Children: Rachel, born 1974; Mandy, born 1976; Taylor, born 1978; Scott, born 1981.
Military Service: Idaho National Guard, Rank Sgt E5  

My wife Lorraine and I we have 8 children between us from previous marriages, her 2 sons and 2 daughters and my 2 daughters and 2 sons, and 21 grandchildren. We enjoy the time we put into our home and yard. Flowers, grass, gardens and weeds. Working in the yard is kind of refreshing. I am still able to pass a DOT (Department of Transportation) physical, so I still do some local semi driving. Truck driving has a tendency to stay in the blood! Our last 2 grandchildren have been my first and last grandsons from my sons. They are just 4 and 3. What a joy our grand kids are!

School Story:

When I got to high school, I worked in the cafateria. Money was tight in my dads house, so I did it. Wayne Whitlow got me really interested in archery hunting deer. I knew nothing about it but I had shot a bow for years. An old lemonwood one like Robin Hood shot. I had a 1948 Cushman motor scooter, which I drove to school. So I had the interest in deer hunting with a bow, and the transportation, so I was ready to go! When September got here, I figured some way in missing school a few mornings, jumped on my Cushman in the dark and drove south of Pocatello up Johnny Creek (I believe that is it). I didn't know the first or second thing about hunting, but I would walk my tail off, only once seeing deer up close, always keeping track of the time so that I could get back to my motor scooter, get back to school, so I could be there to work in the cafateria! Figure that one out!! I don't know if I was hungry or super dedicated to that cafateria, but I never missed that job when I was to be there. Nobody was ever the wiser as to what I was doing. It would have been a different ending had I shot a deer!

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First great grand child!! Nora is her name. One week old today. Got to love um!!????

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Gene Dressen has a birthday today.
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